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ill cut chuuu.

princess skunky.<3
19 October 1989
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Obviously I have problems. when you're this obsessed with something you need help.

i live, breathe, and speak GWAR.

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a dozen furies, alcohol, amber, america must be destroyed, asl, atreyu, avenged sevenfold, bangs, beefcake the mighty, biting, black, black eyeliner, black stars, bleached hair, blood, bozo destructo, broken hearts, butterflies, camo, cardinal syn, carnival of chaos, cigarettes, computers, costumes, cradle of filth, crass, crimes, darkness, dave brockie, dave brockie experience, david brockie, dbx, death, death piggy, devil driver, dr. professor skulhedface, drugs, dumaurier, every time i die, export a, eyeliner, face, fighting, flattus maximus, flesh, florida, flowers, foryou, from autumn to ashes, frou frou, froufrou, furry coats, glam, glassjaw, gor-gor, gore, gwar, gwar blood, gwar cum, gwar fans, gwar piss, hair bleach, hair dye, hairspray, happyness, hate, hearts, hell-o, hopesfall, hot pink, hxc, i love you, jackie, jizmak da gusha, lazy american workers, le tigre, life, lime green, lost, love, ludacriss, lust, luti-kriss, makeup, marijuanna, megan, metal, metal blade records, my bride, my children, my children my bride, norma jean, not hawthorne heights, oderus, oderus jizz, oderus urungus, pain, phones, pink, plaid, planet smashers, pot, rachael, ragnarok, rainy days, reel big fish, remembering never, ritalin, rock, salami, scratching, scremo, scroda moon, scumdogs of the universe, sex, sex bracelets, sexicutioner, shock rock, ska, skulls, slave pit, sleazy p. martini, slymenstra hymen, stars, teasing, techno destructo, the bled, the chariot, the road behind ep, this toilet earth, throwdown, toxic narcotic, underoath, unearth, violence has arrived, vodka, walls of jericho, we kill everything, white, yellow,